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Next-Generation Software to Create, Publish, And Update 3D Technical Illustrations


All the tools you need, built-in.

Re-think how you Create, Publish, Update Technical Illustrations

Say goodbye to complicated 3D software, node-locked licenses, and connecting remotely to your work computer. 

Empower your team with next-generation cloud-based technical illustration software to create, publish, and update 3D technical illustrations from anywhere.

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Create 3D technical illustrations faster.

Use them for interactive 3D documentation

Publish projects to the web instantly

Update live projects when parts change

Single source 3D models for all your content.

Illustrations Hub Increases Productivity


Unlike desktop applications, Zea eliminates the need for multiple disjointed applications, consolidates the publishing process into one easy-to-use platform, lets you publish 3D models in your technical content, and brings the after-sales experience into the 21st century.

Zea is a one-stop shop for creating, publishing, and updating high-end 3D technical illustrations.

Re-Think 3D Access


Teams can ACCESS ZEA FROM ANYWHERE. New users don't have anything to install. 

Re-Think Team Size


ADD & REMOVE USERS ANYTIME. Unlike traditional desktop software, there aren't any upfront licensing fees.  

Re-Think Simplicity


BE PRODUCTIVE ON DAY 1. Unlike traditional applications, our simple user interface makes it easy to learn.

Re-Think Security


Stay COMPLIANT WITH COMPANY POLICIES and save bandwidth. Zea processes engineering CAD models on-premise before uploading them to the cloud. No more 3D CAD to zip and transfer.

Re-Think Empowerment


Users get access to the latest 3D content, without disturbing engineering. EMPOWER AFTER-SALES TO IMPROVE HOW CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE YOUR PRODUCTS with powerful 3D content.

Re-Think Fast


LOAD BIGGER MODELS FASTER with Zea. We're the only cloud-based software designed from the ground up for speed.

Top 5 Reasons To Adopt ILLUSTRATIONS HUB

According to early-adopters


01|  Zea is ludicrously fast ...

Instantly load massive 3D models that engineering applications struggle with, right in the web browser. Zea is designed from the ground up for performance.

You'll get monthly ROI with faster load times alone. 


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Zea is ludicrously fast

02 | ... And Super Intuitive ...

Happy people create great content. We obsess over making Zea the most intuitive and user-friendly 3D platform in the world. Zea's modern user-friendly interface reduces onboarding time.

[Teaser] We're working on in-app tutorials and a powerful knowledge base. 

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Zea is super intuitive

03 | ... Which is great for Remote Teams ...

Zea's cloud platform lets teams author 3D technical illustrations from anywhere, with no software or add-ins to install.

Unlock the potential of a global workforce on a single platform.


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Zea is great for remote teams

04 | ... Who need to keep content up to Date ...

Point Zea at your 3D files and it syncs with the latest engineering changes regardless of whether engineering uses a PLM or not, so 3D models are always up to date. 


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Zea keeps your content up to date
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05 | ... And to keep projects on time and within budget
Illustrations Hub is just the beginning. Great after-sales service is about so much more than technical illustrations.
Zea keeps your projects on time and within budget